EMS claims management is a very specialized industry. The AccuMed Group is a privately owned and operated company that exclusively supports public sector EMS/Fire billing. All AccuMed resources are used to support EMS and Fire operations. The same simply cannot be said for an in-house billing operation.

The field requires a significant amount of specialized training and certifications to be done properly. The overwhelming majority of non-management AccuMed Group employees are graduates of accredited medical billing schools and thoroughly trained prior to processing “live” client data. Every AccuMed Group employee is under direct supervision of a Department Manager and is subject to continuous quality control checks. All of our medical coders have successfully completed the federal (CMS) World of Medicare and Diagnosis Coding Courses, which are National Provider Education Training Programs, and specific to EMS claims management. In addition, all AccuMed Group coders have completed or are enrolled in the newly formed certified ambulance coding training through the National Academy of Ambulance Coding (NAAC).

At this point outsourcing your EMS billing has simply become the industry standard. AccuMed has more resources to offer which can help you; optimize compliant revenue, deliver results, reduce in-house costs and ensure compliance with all regulatory entities.

We understand it might seem counter-intuitive that outsourcing a service would be more cost effective than doing it yourself, but consider this: there are a lot of costs associated with billing (correctly and most effectively). We’re talking software and annual support costs, hardware, licensing, personnel wages and benefits, phone lines and charges, electronic claims management, private pay statement generation, postage, consulting attorneys/accountant costs, Insurance Verification clearing house fees, skip tracing fees, personnel training and continuing education, compliant claim submission, I/T, storage and backups, insurance, and audits. When working with AccuMed, you only need to manage scanning and attaching supporting documentation and approving runs for billing.

At the end of the day, EMS billing is our bread and butter at AccuMed. It’s what we do. It’s all we do. More resources. More revenue. Guaranteed.

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