Like any service, there is a lot that goes into selecting a biller that’s the right fit for you and your department or agency. The city council has to agree, the mayor needs to be on board, and on top of that it needs to make sense financially.  When it’s all said and done, it’s complicated. We’d like to uncomplicate that for you a bit. To start, AccuMed is exclusively an EMS claims management company. Beyond our expertise and passion, here’s what else we can offer you:

At AccuMed, we share a symbiotic relationship with our clients. We invest more into the medical claims management process; therefore, we deliver greater returns. When you’re successful, we’re successful. AccuMed maintains long and healthy relationships with our clients, which is displayed through our 98.4% client retention rate.

AccuMed will put you in the best position to gain and maintain full compliance with all regulatory entities. We do this through our various resources which include:  HIPAA Officer, a corporate compliance plan, corporate compliance officer, weekly internal audits and annual external audits to name a few.

Bottom line, AccuMed makes it easier for you to focus on your patients and the care that they need. You take care of the patient side of things, and we’ll take care of the business side. Contact us and find out what else AccuMed can do for you.

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