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Transport Billing Compliance Webinar Series

Do You Know if You’re Compliant . . . or at Risk?

Essential Compliance Information

The AccuMed Group’s Transport Billing Compliance Webinar Series provide in-depth information that can help ensure that EMT/Fire Agencies are in full compliance with the array of complex requirements established by regulatory agencies. Failure to comply can result in costly penalties that can put your organization at risk.


The Webinars

Tuesday June 19, 2018 – 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. EST

PCR Documentation Webinar – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In PWW’s recent abc360 national reimbursement conference, the majority of the attendees cited “poor crew documentation” as the major source of potential liability for their EMS agency. The PCR is the backbone of revenue cycle compliance and it must be accurate, complete and objective – or else you could face overpayment demands or a false claims act lawsuit. This session will review real life examples of ten (10) “completed” PCRs for the most common patient conditions that ambulance services encounter – both emergency and non-emergency. We will critically dissect each of those PCRs in detail and describe what makes them good (or not so good!).  We’ll provide “lessons learned” from each that can be used as key teaching points that you can take back to your field staff to help tune up the quality of your patient care documentation.

Presenter: Ryan Stark, Esq.

Expert Professionals

The webinars are developed and led by The AccuMed Group’s seasoned industry professional, who are among the nation’s leading experts in transport billing compliance, management and solutions.

Live or Archived

If you are not available during the live streaming of the webinars you can still log onto archived presentations of the programs. Registering will provide you with access.


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