As you know, a new ground and air ambulance provider participation agreement which combined both the BCBSM and BCN existing agreements and automatically enrolling providers with BCN was recently instituted. This was contrary to all conversations MAAS had had regarding this issue with BCBSM.

MAAS has continued to work with BCBSM and BCN and as of today:

  1. BCBSM will revise the June 1, 2017 Record article to state that those ambulance providers that did not agree to the terms of the amended contract will remain subject to the terms of the old BCBSM agreement. However, if they want to sign the BCBSM/BCN agreement, they will be given the option to do so.
  2. BCBSM will send out a copy of the BCBSM/BCN contract to participating ambulance providers that have not agreed to the terms of this contract to get their assent.
  3. Claims for providers agreeing to the terms of the BCBSM/BCN agreement will be paid at the BCBSM rate.  This will apply whether the claims are processed through the BCBSM or BCN claims processing systems.
  4. BCBSM will ensure that claims for providers that did not affirmatively agree to the BCBSM/BCN agreement will be reprocessed, if necessary.

MAAS will provide additional updates on this issue to our members as we receive further information and timelines.

*The preceding information was issued by

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