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Run Exceptions – General

The Run Exception process provides a means for having a secure communication that targets a single EMS encounter sent to AccuMed for billing. The communication is typically between a single AccuMed operations team member, and an EMS Administrator. While processing an incident for billing, AccuMed team-members may identify the absence of critical billing information. When that happens, the AccuMed team member will create a Run Exception.

A Run Exception PDF is created and delivered to your agency via email. This PDF is a simple document that may contain one or more questions. AccuMed has been very careful not to include any PHI in the document, and it is therefore suitable for email. However, this is where the use of email ends. Once you receive this email, you need to save the attachment to your computer, and work with the PDF locally.

When you’re done working with the PDF, it should be returned to AccuMed in a secure manner, because your responses are likely to contain PHI. The (Updated) Run Exception PDF should be sent to your secure FTP site and placed in the Returned Run Exceptions folder. When AccuMed receives your Updated-Run-Exception PDF, the account in question is updated with your response and the AccuMed team-member (who generated the exception) is notified of its arrival. Responding to a Run Exception in a reasonable amount of time is helpful as it promotes continuity of processing, which can be lost over a longer period of time. Additionally, the sooner we get your response, the sooner we can submit a claim for the account.