2018 may present change and opportunity. One of these opportunities is to evaluate your billing solution. Over the course of our 28 years in the industry, we have conversed with; EMS providers, organizations and municipalities. As they evaluate their options a few key questions seem to always surface. If you have not reevaluated your billing options recently I offer the following…

  • How strong is your Average Recovery Per run compared to other providers in your region?
  • Is your revenue compliant in the eyes of Medicare, how do you know?
  • When was the last time an external audit was done through a third party based on the claims billed on your behalf?
  • Do you have access to EMS Law attorneys, webinars or seminars free of charge through your current vendor?
  • Does your current vendor offshore or outsource any portion of their service?
  • Has your vendor had a billing violation or HIPAA breach?
  • Do you receive clear and concise monthly reports from your current vendor?
  • Are you perplexed with the number of refunds?
  • Are you overly involved in the day to day business side of the operation?

If you struggle for answers or are not pleased with your answers to these questions and would like to learn more about your billing options we can help.

Since 1989 AccuMed has specialized in EMS and Fire Service Billing and confident we can meet and exceed your expectations. Our ability to reduce your in-house costs, optimize compliant revenue and keep you informed is what separates us from the rest.

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