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Medical Claims Management

The AccuMed Group is far more than a transport billing service. We work as integrated partners, supporting EMS providers with comprehensive solutions that improve administrative efficiency, minimize expenses, maximize net billing revenue and, very importantly, help ensure full compliance with regulatory agencies to avoid the risk of penalties.

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EMS Billing

Our methodology to drive results separates The AccuMed Group from traditional billing models.  Our proprietary process increases administrative efficiencies while optimizing revenue for your Life Saving System, in full compliance with all regulatory entities.

The AccuMed Group:

  • Scrubs incident report data using Address Standardization, Skip-Tracing, and other advanced data cleansing techniques
  • Maintains trading partner status with all major insurance carriers
  • Real-time 24 x 7 x 365 access to insurance databases for a clean, error-free initial submission of claims
  • Proprietary process does not allow claims to age without activity, ever
  • Gets you paid quickly

The Compliance Connection

At The AccuMed Group, strict compliance with Medicare Law and all regulatory entities is a non-compromising commitment.  As a result, The AccuMed Group maintains a perfect record of zero billing violations since our 1989 incorporation.

Fire Service Billing

Municipal officials across the country are all too aware that extreme budget challenges are now a part of doing business. As traditional revenue funding sources continue to decline, alternative funding sources are needed to fulfill the mandates and needs of communities. Fire service billing revenue has helped numerous communities offset dwindling federal, state and local funding, and it may help your community as well.

The AccuMed Group will:

  • Assist your community in establishing ordinances, reasonable charges and collection policies
  • Consult with your fire department on proper documentation requirements
  • Submit the billing to the responsible party
  • Collect the payments and provide a full accounting of all activity on a monthly basis
  • Ensure that your agency is in strict compliance with all regulations to prevent fines and penalties
The AccuMed Group’s Fire Service Billing will enable you to collect for the following Fire Department services:

  • Hazardous Materials (Response and Removal)
  • Hazard Standby (Downed Power Lines, Etc.)
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Response and Extrication
  • Specialty Rescue
  • Fire Suppression


In addition to pre-dispatch consulting, The AccuMed Group will provide:

  • Ongoing consultation throughout the life of the contract to ensure that we apprise you of the most current industry-related trends and issues that may have an impact on your agency.
  • Recommendations will be provided in the form of Detailed Analysis Reports along with ongoing, personalized communications with our Client Services Advocates.

Our unsurpassed client service ensures that you achieve peak performance and virtually eliminate administrative and compliance issues. That is why we have earned a client retention rate of over 98%.

ePCR Optimization

Our experienced professional staff will work closely with you to optimize your ePCR software to maximize efficiency, performance and bottom-line results.

The AccuMed Group:

  • …Is ePCR-agnostic
  • …Will work with your ePCR vendor. It is likely that we have already developed an integration with your ePCR vendor. If not, AccuMed will work closely with your vendor (at no additional cost to you) to ensure data delivery and data processing is a seamless effort for your administrators.

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