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Medical Claims Management Process (MCMP)

Our proprietary Medical Claims Management Process (MCMP) includes nine components that collectively manage the end-to-end functions and activities that comprise successful process management:

  1. Pre-Dispatch Consultation
  2. Incident Import & Management
  3. Insurance Verification/Development
  4. Claim Generation/Edit/Submission
  5. Private Pay Billing
  6. Accounts Receivable/Denial Management
  7. Statusing/Claim Review
  8. Pre-Collection/Audit
  9. Reconciliation

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Stakeholder Management

Our commitment to stakeholder management enables The AccuMed Group, and in turn our clients, to stay ahead of industry demands and execute planning rather than dealing with unexpected matters. We focus on delivering a full-service solution that leverages the true benefits of professional outsourcing. The AccuMed Group clients are able to focus on patient-side operations as we comprehensively manage all business-side operations.

Our process, supported by your ePCR solution, will comprehensively manage the requirements of the following stakeholders:

Frontline Medics, Paramedics, MFRs
Primary patient caregivers, focused on patient care and community service
Administrators, Directors, Office Personnel
Provider Professionals, City Employees, Unions, Local Partners, Elected Councils
Medical Control Authority
Coordination of EMS services, and community and systems
City Information Technology Services
Technical services and resources provided by the city
Emergency and billing departments. Other hospital services
State Reporting Requirements
Documentation compliance with state and federal authorities, supported through ePCR optimization and an exceptional understanding of requirements
Billing Company
The AccuMed Group, maintaining a constant watch on revenue optimization, compliance and patient satisfaction

Measurable Results

It is also important to know that you will be able to measure the effectiveness of The AccuMed Group throughout the process. While it is a complex and detailed process, The AccuMed Group’s billing operations will deliver the following results:

Revenue Optimization

Through the establishment and active management of comprehensive charge and reimbursement policies, revenue will be optimized.


Full Compliance

Demonstrated compliance with all regulatory entities will enable you to remain actively enrolled in federal and state health care programs (Medicare-Medicaid).

Patient Care Focus

When business-side operations are comprehensively managed, you will be able to focus on patient side operations.


Through timely and accurate billing summary reports, along with industry-related news and information, you will have access to all necessary information to manage EMS operations.


Learn how to avoid harsh and costly penalties.

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