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Price vs. Quality: What Matters Most to You?

“Why would it cost that much?” is a question I’m sure most of us have asked ourselves on at least one occasion while trying to purchase a new product or service. From a consumer’s standpoint, we naturally want the best product or service for the lowest price. But is...

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For Anyone Enrolled In Michigan Medicaid….

Waiting time is covered only when the beneficiary’s attending physician deems it medically necessary. Waiting time is reimbursable after the first 30 minutes. (revised 4/1/16) If more than four hours of waiting time is required, providers must request individual...

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Did You Know…

Did you know that if an EMT/Medic does not update their license and it lapses, that insurance companies may be entitled to a refund for any services that have been paid during this time?  This is just one of the many reasons it is important to set regular reminders to...

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A Success-Driven Approach

At The AccuMed Group, we draw on our extensive, highly relevant experience, exceptional staff expertise and unique service delivery process to achieve success for our clients. We have maintained a 98.4% lifetime client retention rate through our ability to position...

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