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The Benefits Of An Effective Compliance Program

It goes without saying that healthcare providers must comply with innumerable laws and regulations governing their services.  Having policies that address legal compliance makes sound business sense. For nearly two decades, the Department of Health & Human...

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What’s The Buzz About Medicare Fraud And Abuse?

Fraud and abuse are definitely buzzwords right now when it comes to the EMS industry. In our last few blogs we’ve discussed the importance of proper documentation and how your reports can help your department get reimbursements from Medicare. While this remains true,...

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Happy Holidays To All From The AccuMed Group

The AccuMed Group always prioritizes giving back to the community, especially during the holiday season. This season we’ve given a contribution to two amazing organizations. We are proud to have had another successful year and hope for many more to come. Happy...

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Documentation Highlight: Medical Necessity

Another important aspect of good documentation as a whole is medical necessity.  Medical necessity plays a huge role in the reimbursement your department or agency will receive from Medicare and Medicaid as well as a large role in how your department preforms in an...

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Always Ask Yourself The Following…

Diving a little deeper into our previous blog post on documentation, we realize there’s a lot that goes into a good report. We’d like to make that a little easier for you. Sometimes it can help to have a check list. Below is a list of some of the top things to keep in...

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Documentation Highlight: Dispatch

It should be clear at this point that documentation is of the utmost important to the AccuMed team, as it should be for fellow billing companies and EMS providers. There are multiple aspects that go into documentation, for now we’ll focus on dispatch. As an EMS...

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Documentation, Documentation, Documentation

Good documentation is a key element for EMS providers and billing companies alike. Good documentation is especially important when it comes to illustrating medical necessity – this is how we all get reimbursements and remain compliant. The current fraud and abuse...

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