As previously discussed, in this ever-changing industry, it’s important to continue to educate yourself in order to best position your department or agency for success. Like most things in life, you always want to put your best (in this case, compliant) foot forward. At AccuMed, we make sure that we offer our clients the proper tools for them to be able to do just that.
In addition to our EMS Claims Management and Consulting Services we are proud to provide the following value-added services to ensure compliance and provide the many layers of needed protection for the life of a contract with The AccuMed Group.

  • Initial on-site run report documentation training
  • Ongoing incident report documentation review and training
  • Weekly internal compliance reviews
  • Annual external compliance audit conducted by our law attorney firm; Page Worthberg and Wirth, LLC – National EMS Law Attorneys
  • Reasonable cost-free access to the national EMS law firm of Page, Wolfberg and Wirth, LLC
  • Support of the annual budget process
  • Auditor support
  • Educational Initiatives such as Client Seminars and Webinars conducted by our attorney firm PWW
  • Constant communication with County Administration to keep you abreast of industry news and changes

Again, these are all things that we provide at no additional cost to you. If you have these opportunities handed to you, why not take advantage of them? Contact us to find out how AccuMed can help you today.

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