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Who We Are

The AccuMed Group is a privately held, nationally represented, EMS Medical Claims Management leader, bringing decades of experience, highly effective proprietary billing processes and customer service excellence to the EMS/Fire industry.

Our clients benefit from the most comprehensive patient-side data capture utilizing the best medical claims management solutions in the marketplace.

The AccuMed Group excels in the EMS/Fire industry by:


Delivering fully compliant medical claims management solutions

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Improving revenue generation for the customers we serve

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Being fully compliant with all regulatory entities

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Delivering the best results for our customers, while avoiding unnecessary risk

The AccuMed Group is a team of 73 highly trained, long-tenured, deeply committed EMS billing professionals and customer service advocates, exclusively focused on supporting EMS/Fire systems through the deployment of leading-edge technology and processes. Through this commitment, we are able to devote 100% of all available resources to support our EMS/Fire clients.


Health care fraud and abuse is at an all-time high:

  • In 2015, $2.4 billion dollars was recovered in health care fraud
  • Meeting compliance requirements today is one of the most critical success factors for EMS providers
  • Many fall out of compliance without even knowing it
  • EMS providers are exposed to catastrophic fines and penalties
  • Those responsible for the service may even be personally accountable

The AccuMed Group has unmatched expertise, resources and background in helping EMS providers ensure transport billing compliance and avoid potential risk.

Our compliance programs and capabilities separate us from others who provide billing services. We are proud to maintain an exemplary record of zero billing violations on more than five million EMS trips since our 1989 incorporation.

Please Click Here for our most recent report published by the Law Firm of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth.

The AccuMed Group far exceeds the minimum compliance requirements and employs the following resources:

  • National Academy of Ambulance Coding Certification (NAAC) for all coders
  • Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer (CACO)
  • Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer (CAPO)
  • Corporate Compliance Plan as recommended by the Office of Inspector General (OIG)
  • External Compliance Audits conducted by the EMS law firm of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC.

Community Involvement

The AccuMed Group believes that strong communities make better places to live, work and raise a family.

That is why our relationship with your community goes beyond doing business.

Great Lakes Burn Camp – Since 2010, The AccuMed Group has made significant donations to the Great Lakes Burn Camp. In addition, staff members volunteer to help raise money at fundraising events. We at The AccuMed Group feel very passionate about helping these children have a positive experience and the enjoyment they deserve.
National EMS Memorial Service – The AccuMed Group has also made annual donations to the National EMS Memorial Service. The funds go to assist fallen EMS family members in their time of need. Supporting those first responders who give so much to our communities is an honor and a privilege.


Learn how to avoid harsh and costly penalties.

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