At The AccuMed Group, we draw on our extensive, highly relevant experience, exceptional staff expertise and unique service delivery process to achieve success for our clients. We have maintained a 98.4% lifetime client retention rate through our ability to position clients for high levels success.

Based on decades of experience helping hundreds of clients achieve their goals, we have found that successful EMS systems will be:

  • Data Driven
  • Focused on Patient Care
  • Compliant with all Regulatory Entities
  • Optimizing Compliant Revenue
  • Running Lean and Reducing Administrative Overhead
  • Integration Rich
  • Informed and Prepared to Meet Industry Demands
  • Able to Satisfy ALL Stakeholders

Successful billing processes and ePCR operations deliver the following results to customers we serve:

The AccuMed Group customers maintain direct access to accountable points of contact through a proprietary, turn-key ePCR system and final billing and collection solution.

Administrative Cost Reduction
Expert outsourced management of stakeholders in the chain of patient care ensures that internal administrative and fixed costs are minimized.

Revenue Optimization
The maximum compliant revenue is realized through rigorous, proactive management of data and comprehensive charge and reimbursement policies.

Full Compliance
Demonstrated compliance with all regulatory entities enables The AccuMed Group customers to remain actively enrolled in Federal and State Health Care Programs (Medicare-Medicaid) and avoid costly non-compliance risk.

Patient Care Focus
The AccuMed Group provides comprehensive business-side operations management, enabling customers to focus on patient side operations.

The AccuMed Group provides customers with timely and accurate billing summary reports along with industry-related news and updates, delivering the critical information necessary to effectively manage EMS operations.

Customer Service
All patient calls and inquiries are promptly and courteously managed, creating a positive experience that builds community support of EMS. EMS administration and staff also receive timely and effective support, strengthening important relationships.

Continuous Improvement
Building on our experience and the success we have achieved serving our customers, The AccuMed Group is dedicated to continuously improving all aspects of organization, striving to deliver ever-greater value in everything we do.

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